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dr pussycat <3 (peepoodo) iphone case

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dr pussycat <3 (peepoodo) iphone case

dr pussycat <3 (peepoodo) iphone case

The cognitive dress relied on the various cognitive APIs (application program interfaces), or tools made available to developers from IBM Research, and input from developer partners like Inno360. The Marchesa designers first selected five key human emotions -- joy, passion, excitement, encouragement and curiosity -- they wanted the dress to convey. IBM fed Watson hundreds of images of past Marchesa designs, with the cognitive system ultimately choosing a color scheme, identifying different colors with different emotions. For instance, red would represent "confidence," while gray would be tied to "futurism."The company's developer partner Inno360 sourced a fabric for the design team that would ultimately be appropriate for Marchesa's overall aesthetic, but that could incorporate IBM's technology.

As such, an electric blue Galaxy S3 may be off the cards, I certainly wouldn't object to these colour options -- Samsung made us wait for the white version of the Galaxy S2, so getting a couple of colour options at launch would be appreciated, With the S3 set to combat the fabled iPhone 5, Samsung needs to focus on design now more than ever, Personally I'd like to see the company ditch the uninspiring grey hue that adorns the back of the Galaxy Nexus, or the plain dr pussycat <3 (peepoodo) iphone case silver that it's chosen for its upcoming Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch and 10.1-inch tablets..

Ive headlined the more detailed and intricate description of the Apple Watch on Monday during the company's "Spring Forward" event, where consumers got a release date and a look at the device's eye-popping price range ($350 to $17,000, to be released April 24). There, Ive used phrases like "meticulously formed," "machined, buffed and textured," along with other not-so-subtlety suggestive wording that turns Apple product videos into the stuff of gadget-porn legend. CNET decided to go one step further.

LAS VEGAS--Locator devices that let parents keep track of their kids are nothing new, Evado Filip decided to do things a little differently with the VivoPlay, a watch geared for the 5- to 12-year-old crowd, Many parents don't want to cough up dr pussycat <3 (peepoodo) iphone case a real cell phone for their little dears until they get pretty close to being teenagers, The VivoPlay includes GSM, so parents and kids can get in touch when necessary, but it's not a full-blown cell phone with all the related texting and possible cyberbullying issues, This feature elevates the watch from a location device to a communication device..

Never fear, you can still live vicariously through this hands-on video of the larger form factor, fresh from MWC. Update, 12:35pm PT: Article updated with confirmation from Samsung that there will be no Note 10.1 at SXSW. Updated at 1:25pm PT to add speculation about the pink Galaxy Note. Samsung already knows how to draw a crowd to its large Galaxy Note smartphone. At South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, this week, it's planning to shop the phone around even more. Samsung already knows how to draw a crowd to the Samsung Galaxy Note, an unusually large smartphone for AT&T with a 5.3-inch screen and a stylus for writing and sketching. At shopping malls, conferences, and popular plazas around the world, hired caricature artists in red berets sketch the likeness of passersby and then offer to print the resulting image on a t-shirt.