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elephant tail - colorful iphone case

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elephant tail - colorful iphone case

elephant tail - colorful iphone case

Fortunately, in the world of apps, the iPad is at the top of the food chain. Most apps designed for the iPhone or Touch can run on the iPad, either scaled-up to fit the screen, or presented at their original resolution framed at the center of the screen in black. This capability is good news for anyone bringing their existing apps over from an iPhone or iPod Touch, although users will likely want to purchase separate iPad-optimized versions of the apps they use regularly, which could get pricey.

In the end, PowerSketch offers excellent and unique photo effects, frames you can add as a contrast to your image, and sharing capabilities that let you post your creation to several social networks and even international sites, Hopefully the developers will update the interface to be more linear, because the unique effects are definitely worth checking out, but as is will become frustrating if you don't have a lot of patience, My Sketch ($1.99) is an old favorite of mine that makes your photos into hand-sketched artistic drawings with only a few easy steps, Upon launch you get the option to take a new photo or choose one from your iPhone photo library, Once selected, My elephant tail - colorful iphone case Sketch immediately has you crop the image to your liking, either in portrait or landscape layouts, The next step is to choose a style, and My Sketch offers 20 different types of sketch styles, from long-line sketches to pastel styles, It takes a couple of moments, but once the high-res sketch is finished, you have a chance to apply some finishing touches with brightness and contrast sliders..

While he fought hard to keep his BlackBerry when he entered the White House, the president says his daughters use their iPhones frequently. While President Obama uses Apple's iPad, he admitted Wednesday that unspecified security concerns prevent him from using an iPhone. "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone," Obama said during a meeting promoting his health care law with young people Wednesday at the White House. However, he said his daughters, Sasha and Malia, spend a lot of time on their iPhones.

Baby Bell companies agree to abide by existing contracts with competitors while the FCC plans to craft new rules governing local phone competition, In a speech to a telephone industry trade association meeting yesterday, FCC chairman William Kennard said that each of the regional Bell operating companies and GTE would maintain elephant tail - colorful iphone case their relationships with competitors until the FCC revises current law later this year, The Bells could have challenged existing contracts, after a recent Supreme Court decision called into question FCC rules forcing local companies to lease their networks to rivals at wholesale rates..

Hopefully, with the iPhone 4S showing record sales compared with previous iPhone launches, Apple has become less worried about it being a selling point and will let the rest of the iOS users have Siri on older hardware (even if it's just on newer iPads and the iPhone 4). I would also hope that Apple would let us finally have some extra voices to do the talking. I'm hoping my dream of having the voice of Samuel L. Jackson reading my e-mail will become a reality. Better directions, with voice!The iPhone's map features are pretty great already, but a feature many have clamored for is still not available on iOS: turn-by-turn directions with voice. The map app already lets you find your location via GPS, get directions from anywhere with multiple routes to your destination, and helps you find shops and restaurants easily--just like every other smartphone.