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iphone case necklace

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iphone case necklace

Of course, there is a legitimate third option for the FCC: it can adhere to the guidance provided by the Comcast court and attempt to draft narrowly tailored "open Internet" rules that would legitimately fall under its Title I ancillary jurisdiction. This option means having the FCC abandon its intrusive attempts to regulate how BSPs manage their networks and instead stick to its knitting, such as guaranteeing interconnection between network providers, promulgating quality of service requirements, promoting transparency and disclosure so consumers know what they are getting, and ensuring that BSPs sell "like services" on the same terms and conditions to "similarly situated" customers.

CompassWe were a little skeptical when we heard that the new iPhone might offer a digital compass, Yet, Schiller confirmed that the rumors were true, Like any other compass it will automatically point to north, but it also will integrate with Google Maps to point you in the right direction, A nice touch, to be sure, What didn't we get?Fortunately, this list is getting shorter with each incarnation of the iPhone, Though OS 3.0 adds many notable missing features like multimedia messaging, turn-by-turn directions and stereo Bluetooth, there are a few capabilities still lacking, Flash support for the Safari browser, app folders for iphone case necklace the home screen and USB mass storage are just a few, And hey, though we know that we'll never get it, we'll throw in a user-replaceable battery too..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. We tested Outbox by opening Gmail from the browser and then switching the phone to airplane mode. When you create a message and send it, you still receive Google's confirmation message that the e-mail "sent." But arrow back to the Gmail menu and you'll now see a label for Outbox that appears below the Chats label. Tap it to view the subject line, time stamp, and first line of the e-mail you have waiting for delivery. Since Outbox is a limited read-only feature, you won't be able to edit the e-mail, or even tap it to read the entire body. However, it does provide an at-a-glance confirmation that an e-mail is still waiting to be sent.

Windows 8 was so bad, Microsoft gave us holograms to make up for it, Microsoft ended its Windows 10 presentation with a surprise: It created a new device called the HoloLens -- a holographic headset that puts Google Glass to shame, Watch today's CNET Update for a quick summary how the HoloLens works and all the big Windows 10 news -- including Cortana, Project Spartan , Xbox One streaming and the Surface Hub , Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, iphone case necklace We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Some Apple smartwatches may display stripes along the side of the display. Apple has informed its retail repair staff, as well as authorized third-party sellers, about the problem, according to 9to5Mac. It doesn't appear to affect a cellular version of the device, which may be due to that model's different display configuration with the built-in antenna, according to the report. Some models of the Apple Watch Series 3 may have a defect that shows a row of small stripes along the side of the display, according to a report.