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iphone screen protector how to apply

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iphone screen protector how to apply

Visit manufacturer site for details. Running Android 2.1, the $349 I'm Watch from Italian company I'm promises to be a perfect smartphone companion. Its small screen showcases useful info like appointments, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter updates in real time. The watch also boasts big, bold styling you'll likely either love or hate. But like many gizmos in this emerging space unfortunately, the I'm Watch has plenty of flaws ranging from a tricky setup to glitch-prone performance. All of which render this pricey gadget more a curiosity than truly compelling consumer product. Other watches such as the Motorola Motoactv and Pebble offer a better smartwatch experience at a much lower price.

You control the phone by swiping in from each side of the screen, Bringing your finger in from the left reveals an app launcher filled with icons for your currently open apps and other favourites, all arranged in a column, Tracing your finger from the right opens the multitasking carousel, which lets you iphone screen protector how to apply quickly scroll through all the apps you have open in a nifty 3D animation that looks like you're turning the pages of a book, Once you're in an app, swipe up from the bottom for that app's menu or to manage scopes, And pull down from the top for notifications and status indicators, which you select by swiping left or right, They include recent messages, network information such as your signal or Wi-Fi, upcoming events and a battery readout..

Uber's plan to invest $1 billion in India comes just a month after the company said it would invest the same sum in China. At that time, Uber said it would bring its service to 50 more cities in China during the next year, in response to a rapidly growing user base in that country. Uber's investments are made possible by the nearly $6 billion in venture funding the company has raised over the past five years. Indeed, there's no shortage of investors who want to partner with the company. Uber has raised around $1 billion in a new funding round, according to a report Friday in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). Uber is valued at around $51 billion, according to the Journal's sources, making it the most valuable venture-backed company in the world.

In my book at least, that gives it some hope of becoming a mass-market product (you don't usually see that kind of potential from Kickstarter projects), It would also seem easy enough to reconfigure should Apple choose to go with a new mini-dock connector in future iOS devices, as some rumors suggest, Alas, if iphone screen protector how to apply this ever ends up as an Apple-store exclusive, you'll probably be looking at a $39 product, Let's hope that doesn't happen, (Source: 9to5Mac via Business Insider), A Kickstarter project aims to transform the iPhone charging cable into something much more versatile..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. The 4X sports a hefty 4.7-inch screen. Inside is a 1.5GHzNvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, powering the latest version of Android. It is the follow-up to the LG Optimus 2X, the first dual-core Android phone. So next year I'm looking forward to the Optimus 6X packed with six cores -- get on that, Nvidia and LG, mmmkay?. The Tegra 3 chip boasts four cores, primed to ramp up for fast-moving games, high-definition video, or handling several tasks at once. But when things are a bit quieter, a fifth core kicks in that casually handles such everyday tasks as simple phone calls, emails and playing music.