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iphone screen protector that blocks side view

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iphone screen protector that blocks side view

The Surface isn't as slick or as rounded as the new iPad. It sports sloped, angular sides. Around the back is a fold-out kickstand so you can prop the Surface up. The Pro version of the Surface is thicker than its more modest Surface with Windows RT counterpart, measuring 13.5mm deep compared with 9.3mm. It weighs a lot more too, tipping the scales at 903g as opposed to the 676g of its sibling. The reason it's heavier is it's packing more powerful hardware, which I'll explain below. But that extra girth may hurt the Surface Pro -- a weighty, chunky tablet could prove uncomfortable to hold for longer periods and would feel less luxurious.

Mind you, Signal creator Open Whisper Studios is calling the feature a beta for now, which suggests it might still have its share of bugs, And if you're using an iPhone, there's one thing you may want to do for security's sake as well: since the app uses Apple's CallKit on iOS 10 to let you answer calls from the lock screen, it will send a record of who you called, and how long you spoke, iphone screen protector that blocks side view to Apple's iCloud servers, The creators aren't trying to hide that, by the way -- it's plainly disclosed in their blog post..

We'll know more about TV on the Xbox One as its November debut approaches, but I'd venture to say that these services are absolutely key to how the system succeeds. There isn't much different under the hood between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4: this promise of complete home entertainment is Microsoft's big check to cash on the One, and I hope it does better than TVii on the Wii U. ESPN and NFL video content live on the Xbox One and snap into sidebars; we get an early peek. Last week, I was invited to a loft to look at how ESPN and the NFL would be integrating into the Xbox One. I was excited: I'm an NFL fan, and I track a fair amount of sports news, too.

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That's way more than the 1,920x1,080 pixels of the Samsung Galaxy S5 , but does packing in extra pixels really make for a noticeably better image, or is this just marketing nonsense? I compared the LG G3's 1440p display to the 1080p Galaxy S5 to find out. It might seem common sense that more pixels in a screen will give a sharper image -- that's true, but only to an extent. The difference between a 320x480-pixel budget phone from years ago and the 720p Galaxy S3 is huge, but the differences are far smaller between higher resolutions. There was a big debate about whether 1080p was strictly necessary in a handset, let alone 1440p.